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28 Reasons Why It’s Time To SEO

Writer Trond Lyngbø is one of the more compelling writers on SEO. His article, the title of which we have paraphrased to 28 reasons why it’s time to SEO is, the ultimate list of reasons to embrace SEO, makes for interesting reading.

As CEOs, we’re often pressed for time but always pressed for patience. Obliged to learn new things all the time, it would great if our colleagues whom we have hired as “experts” to teach us new tricks could be pithy and not pedagogic.

So, here’s Lyngbø’s list distilled into its headlines. It has almost every reason for embracing SEO (yes, there are many more). At the bottom of the list you’ll find a link to his originally published piece, which fleshes out each of these points in a concise fashion.

This list is in no order of importance. In my book, they should all be titled point #1.

1. SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment
2. SEO Turns The Spotlight On Your Sales Rockstar
3. SEO Is A Crucial Part Of Your Marketing Mix
4. SEO Impacts The Research/Buying Cycle
5. SEO Pricing Is Variable
6. SEO Is Never Too Costly
7. SEO Isn’t Icing On The Cake – It’s An Important Ingredient
8. SEO Is More Than Just SEO-Friendly CMS
9. SEO Can Multiply Your Impact
10. SEO Keeps You From Missing Out On Free Advertising
11. SEO Leverages Social Sharing
12. SEO Will Help People Find Your Website
13. SEO Goes To The Heart Of Your Business
14. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility
15. SEO Makes You Ubiquitous
16. SEO Helps Build Your Brand
17. SEO Is A Long-Term Strategy
18. SEO Drives Offline Sales
19. SEO Attracts Relevant Traffic With High Conversion Potential
20. SEO Is Measurable Marketing
21. Your SEO Consultant Is A ‘Secret Weapon’
22. SEO Is Cost Effective
23. SEO Can Be Outsourced To Run Hands-Free
24. SEO Can Be Made To Work For You
25. SEO Can Convince Even Skeptics
26. SEO Provides Endless Opportunity
27. SEO Beats Paid Traffic
28. SEO Is Rooted In User Intent
29. SEO Helps You Capitalize On Weak Competition

Be sure to read the original piece.


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