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An SEO Expert On Why You Should Drop Everything And Conduct A Site Audit

The tech site Search Engine Journal is a great place to go read up on SEO. Late last year, they carried an interview with Alan Bleiweiss, an SEO expert on why you should drop everything and conduct a site audit.

As a CEO in a time of SEO taking pole position in your marketing scheme, it is a good idea to pay heed to this video that talks about why you should not wait until you are lost in the woods before asking for a roadmap.

Reproduced from the site, here are some takeaways from the interview:

“A lot of people don’t realize how important audits are, regardless of the state of your website. All too often people will wait until the wheels come off before realizing they need an audit.

You don’t want to wait until everything falls apart. Whether it’s an algorithmic hit, or a manual penalty, an audit is an invaluable tool to conduct right now to ensure your site won’t be a victim of these things.

There’s a lot of information out there about individual signals for SEO, most site owners make a mistake where they don’t realize in any one main topic there could be dozens of signals which impact that specific topic, and they all relate to each other.

As an example of the above point — Alan says he deals with a lot of site owners who have canonical tags pointing to pages that also have a ‘no index’ tag, so they cancel each other out.

You really need to look at everything, Alan says, but that doesn’t mean spending hundreds of hours combing through your site. You need to have enough of an understanding to look for patterns in a sampling, but it needs to be a big enough sampling so you don’t miss things.

What’s a big enough sampling? That all depends, Alan says. If you have a 500 page website, you could potentially look at every page. If you have a 10,000 page website, you could pick out 500-1000 pages and look for patterns rather than looking through every single page, especially if it’s a template-driven site.

When Alan conducts audits of extremely large sites he uses the tool Screaming Frog to look through a sampling of pages. Take a proportional sampling to make sure you cover the broadest range of different ways content is presented or communicated on your site.”

Bleiweiss’s site is www.AlanBleiweiss.com or Google him. He has written many articles. Also go to SEJ’s site for some great advice.

Here’s the video:


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