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Rule #2: Make SEO A Part Of Your Marketing Plan. It Is Not A Stand-alone Exercise

Like everything else in the realm of building your brand, SEO is not something that should be handled in isolation. You need to make SEO a part of your marketing plan. It is not a stand-alone exercise, merely because you might not understand how it fits.

Often, the argument is better understood in the converse. Assume for a minute that your marketing strategy (not including paid advertising) is SEO. And then consider how the other bits fit into SEO, not how SEO fits in to the other bits.

Why? The reason is simple. Your website (whether folks view it on their comps, tabs or phones) is everything. You can reach more people with the website that with any other type of marketing material.

Now, if you’re not paying to be found by them (i.e., Google ads), you need them to find you. You do that with SEO.

Now, let’s look at some traditional ways by which companies interact with the public:

  • Public relations
  • Events
  • Telesales
  • Press meets
  • Sponsorships
  • Corporate and product brochures
  • Corporate films

And some modern ways:

  • Social media
  • Direct mail
  • YouTube content
  • Blogs and influencers
  • Text messages
  • Website

Brands that reach a large number of people would do almost all of the above, but every business enterprise, however tiny, would have one of these things going.

The difference is that the medium of delivery of these messages are increasingly online and less in newspapers, even less in magazines and on TV, radio and snail mail. Even dropping pamphlets from airplanes is so 1995. Most of it happens online. This is a good thing.

Now, if you you draw a Venn diagram and make each of the above a circle, and make each circle overlap with every other circle, the dense middle portion would be SEO. It fits into everything else.

Here’s why: Almost everything that you do to promote your brand ends up online. For example, you may sponsor a jazz concert (and I ask that you do). Almost everything about the show – from the backdrop on the live feed to the post-event publicity will end up somewhere online. Your SEO should fit into that exercise. Because the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone and thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone and so on, SEO includes making sense of all activities and using each one to advantage.

Another thing. With advertising, it is possible to “feel” the ad and tell if it feels right or wrong for your brand. Online, you cannot solely fly by the seat of your pants. There’s a lot of math involved in getting your SEO groove right.

As a CEO, the faster you make sense of this space, the faster you will be able to use your SEO consultant meaningfully.

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