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Rule #3: Hire A Consultant. “Why? My Nephew Can Do It.”

A friend who is a profit-motivated CEOs (aren’t we all?) asked me the title question, “Why should I hire a consultant at all? My nephew can do it.” “SEO consultants.” he continued, “are the only ones who seem to think that SEO is difficult. Everyone else thinks it’s no big deal.” The answer lay in his question. It is his lack of understanding of the business of getting discovered on Google that leads my friend to diminish its importance.

Also, there is so much noise, opacity and obfuscation about what Google really does. For most CEOs who have to endure a boring presentation from SEOs about Google guidelines that seem more mysterious than the outer galaxies.

I wanted to get him thinking on why he needs help and also why his cousin’s colleague’s son’s high school friend is not the best bet for ranking higher on Google, no matter how slick his SEO-speak. I fired off these bullet points that I learned from a well-written article, that I have linked to at the end of this piece.

  • He knows little about SEO: He needs someone who does this for a living to help him understand its nuances.
  • For another, he does not have the time to engage in optimizing his website, even if he did get himself educated on the delights of this discipline.
  • He does not have the expertise in-house to perform all the tasks required for a well-crafted SEO. Again, the kid who can build websites is not the answer. Any more than a creatively-minded nephew can replace an ad agency.

So, even if got him a great looking website, he still needs someone to judge it technically to see if it meets SEO standards. With that information, a good SEO would make recommendations on things to do on-page and off-page.

Here’s the website that says it well: http://explo.in/2ahDkq3.

Epilogue: My friend got himself an SEO and things are great.

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