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SEO For Chartered Accountant Firms – Why It Is Important

Recently, I took to advising a firm of Chartered Accountants (Brit and Indian speak for CPAs) about why even they must learn about and use SEO for Chartered Accountant firms. Of course, it begs a discussion on the fact that very few CA firms even have websites worth mentioning but there are those that do and some, do well.

The large, better known firms such as Ernst & Young appear to have a robust digital presence with lots of social media properties but most don’t have anything but the simplest web presence.

There are two CAs I spoke with who had diametric views on websites. One is a marketing and branding natural. He has a keen sense of the theatrical and uses it well. The other is cool for all appearances but struggles with the purpose of marketing and, like a lot of people, seemed more comfortable with the measurable effort of a sale.

Telling both about the need for SEO was obviously different. The brand-happy individual took to it immediately and in only a few weeks has begun to see the benefits of branding. The other guy is still on the fence.

When I mentioned this to a third CA, he asked me a simple question, “What is the use of SEO or social media for a CA website? We don’t sell eggs.”

Fair enough. It merits an answer. So I went around the web and found some nice insights from around the world. Here is an amalgam of some of those thoughts. But if you are, or work for, a CA who is still unsure of the need for an active digital presence, here’s how to understand why it is never too late to start implementing a digital strategy.

What digital (includes SEO, SMM, SEM, etc) can do for the firm can be summed up thus:

A strong digital presence can form thought leadership. You want to become the top of mind, go-to expert in the financial industry. You need to be recognised as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Your opinion should always matter when it comes to relevant topics being discussed. Digital helps you build this.

The web is an excellent platform to build community through interaction with your employees, clients, and industry mavens. You expand your network through making connections. Most customers and clients have an active online presence so it is easier to know more about them and even reach out to them.

A good SEO strategy will increase your visibility and drive traffic to your website. Of particular use is the traffic that you can drive to your company blog. Sharing your content, posting important news and publicising  key announcements, is ways by which you can redirect visitors to your website. A good social media marketing strategy will attract visitors, convert them to leads, and close them into customers.

The digital world makes “them” aware of your products and services. You gain exposure and you develop your brand. Engaging and informative social media content will reveal a lot about your brand and customers will become your promoters.

The online world is a great source of talent. Many organisations turn to social networking sites for all their HR needs, and accounting firms can also do the same. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site where you can find talented individuals that match the culture and competence of your firm.

Finally, SEO  is important to B2Bs and B2Cs. No time to waste. Its time to SEO!

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