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Tales From The SEO Rabbit Hole – Google’s SEO Guide

SEOs for CEOs – A Primer

by Ramjee Chandran

Going to Google to try and learn more about SEO is, ironically, going to Google to find out about how to be found by Google. (Sorry, I could not resist that.)

Search results for “SEO consultants” “SEO companies” or “What is SEO” are a mine field into which a CEO is forced to walk, to quickly learn more about what is today, the equivalent of the front page solus. Millennials, Google it 🙂

In these search results, too many experts, Google-tamers, SEO “advisors” and other shysters sit cheek by jowl with the more traditional, reputable agencies. Incorrectly, those who rank higher are considered more successful than those who don’t. But logically – think about it – the more secure the agency, the less they would need to push and jostle on page#1 of Google. The better ones push and jostle for their clients.

It is hard to tell champion from charlatan. Experience taught me–and probably fellow CEOs–this. Often, painfully.

SEO is regaining its importance as the most sustainable way to reach people. Be found on Google or bust. That is one truth in the world of no-one-truth.

In my relentless pursuit of the one truth, I learned so much that I found I knew more than my SEO guy. So I decided to become my SEO guy and I now offer SEO services.

I thought I would share my discovery of the safe passage through the SEO minefield with anyone who cares to listen.

But I’ll keep my prose to a minimum and send you links to those who can say it better than I.

To begin with, who better than Google to talk about how Google’s search results work. Scroll down just a little to see the slideshow.

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